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Linking up with Nicole {Three 31} Lisa {The Coastal Chicster}, Becky {The Java Mama} and Jen {The Arizona Russums} for the weekly series, Finish This!
1. I have a quarter to use a pay phone, I call …
Pay phone? Who uses those anymore, ha. I would call the fiance Sal because if I had to use a pay phone, that would mean I have no money and no cell phone and would need his help getting me out of a bind asap!
2. I found $25 in my pocket, I buy …
An iced coffee at Dunkin’, salad bar at Souper Salad for lunch, sushi for dinner and fro yo for dessert. And if I don’t use it on food, I would of course get a dress like this one from LOFT’s 50% off sale or some beauty products at CVS or Sephora.
3. I have 25 minutes to watch anything on TV, I turn on …
I would probably watch one of the Real Housewives or any shows on Bravo channel! Since they are simultaneously airing Atlanta, OC, and New York, I am never caught up and those series are my guilty pleasure!
4. A meal I can prepare, from start to finish, in 25 minutes or less is …
Ronzoni Pasta, Progresso sauce, and Perdue chicken patty made into pasta with chicken parm and a side salad. One of my favorite quick short cut meals ever aka fake chicken parm. We always called it fake because it is not homemade or anything but it is still soooo good!
5. At the age of 25, I wish I had known …
At 25, I wish I had known the importance of saving money and not using your credit card for everything! I am still paying now for vacations I took years ago and charged on my card. I also wish I had known I would be an entrepreneur and small business owner and not wasted time working at jobs I didn’t like or feel challenged by when I could have been taking grad school classes or working for people who would be good business mentors.
6. If I drove 25 miles DUE EAST from my house, I’d be in …
If I drove east from Malden, where I live now, I would be well into the Atlantic ocean! Three miles east is the coast of Mass., at Revere Beach.
What about you – how would you finish these questions….

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  1. says

    Hi Michelle and welcome to the link up, I love your responses! I hope you find $25 in your pocket and let me go with ….. you can have the coffee but I love salads, sushi, and fro yo. 😀

  2. Fran says

    You live on Revere Beach, so cool. I bet you live in that very cool pink building half way up the beach?

    I love Revere Beach and especially Bianchi Pizza. You ever go?
    What’s cool is you can bring pizza from Bianchis into the Boulevard Bar next door. And it’s right across from the ocean… So much fun. I bet you and Sal would luv it!!!!

    I LOL’ed when you said that if you drive east you’d be in the ocean … These people who thought this up must live in Kansas. They drive east they’d be in cornfields — hahaha

    • Michelle says

      No we don’t live IN revere beach just Near 😉 Never been to that pizza place but thanks for the recommendation!

  3. Alexa Derry says

    This looks like fun…so here goes

    25cents for pay phone…haha you need 50cents. But if I found a 25c phone, I’d call my grandmother because she’s so call and talks all the time about pay phones, and we make fun if her. So she’d crack up about me using one.

    If I found $25, I’d buy some weed. It would be money I didn’t know I had, so I’d do something out of the ordinary and have some fun.

    25 minutes for tv would be a chance to hit the on demand button and catch up on Mad Men and dream I was in a broken elevator with Don Draper aka Jon Hamm

    My 25 minute meal is cacio e pepe spaghetti. Just black pepper, olive oil, butter, grated Parmigiano Reggiano, pasta and some of the reserved pasta water. Easy and delish!!!!!

    At the age of 25 I wish I knew how great the Hitachi is…can you say “wow” to this great thing!!

    If I drove 25 miles east, I’d literally be in the ocean. But if I went southeast I’d be in Marshfield aka Marsh Vegas…
    If I went west I’d be in Framingham…and if I went north, I’d hit beautiful downtown Andover

    • Michelle says

      Awe that is so sweet about your grandma! And you crack me up about the pot. I love Mad Men too ! Thanks for sharing for your answerss!

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