6 Snow Day Food Favorites

Yet another snow storm hit Boston and I am cozy on my couch! There are certain things that always hit the spot when venturing outside is not really a great option! Here are six of my favorites:

1. Chili: There are some gems in this Food Network post featuring Top Chili Recipes!

Top Chili Recipes

2. Soup: Vegetable and Kale Soup is one of my favorites. The fiance makes a really awesome version which I need to get him to share the recipe of! Otherwise I came across this one on For the Love of Cooking, which sounds delish!

Veggie and Kale Soup

3. Pasta: Nothing says comfort food to me more then a warm bowl of pasta with sauce! How good does this Bolognese on Bon Appetit look!

classic-ragu-bolognese4. Chicken: Rotisserie chicken is one of my favorites, as you know from my eats posts! Making a homemade whole roasted chicken would make a great cold snow day project and you can potentially have leftovers for other meals which is win-win in my book. I like this Chow recipe for a basic chicken.

Chicken5. Salad: On a healthy note, a good warm salad can totally hit the spot when cold weather creeps in. Martha Stewart has the right idea with this Salmon Spinach Salad Recipe.

Salmon Salad6. Eggs: One of the best parts of snow days is sleeping in and having breakfast anytime of day! One of my favorites is goat cheese and veggie omelets!

goat cheese omeletI could go on and on with comfort foods like tomato soup and grilled cheese, macaroni cheese, meatloaf, or hot cocoa!

What is your favorite food or drink to have on a snowy day?



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