January Bestowed Box

Lots of goodies in this months Bestowed healthy snacks subscription food box!

January BestowedThere are a few things I have gotten in my box before like the chia seeds (Salba Smart Chia Boost) and skratch mix (Skratch Labs Exercise Hydration Mix), which I received in this box. But there are lots of new-to-me products like the Oatworks Smoothie and Cooggies Oatmeal Raisin/Double Chocolate Cookies!

in-the-boxThe item I will probably eat first is the Beanfield’s Bean and Rice Chips and the item I will probably have last or just giveaway, is the Rainbow Light Counter Attack (unless I feel sick or something!). Other products in January’s box include: Dark Chocolate Peanut Balance Bar and EBOOST Natural Energy Booster. I think this is a good mix of items because there is the smoothie for breakfast, chips to pick on at lunch or snack time, cookies for evening sweet tooth attacks, items for pre/post workouts, and then the health focused items for energy and a strong immune system!


What catches your eye from these products?

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  1. Cat con says

    I have a swell idea…
    For the big game Sunday, a huge bowl
    Of fresh guacamole with those yummy sounding bean and rice chips…
    The whole of the parts–beans, rice, guacamole- is so perfectly nexican that it leads to making a huge pitcher of margaritas.. That would be a totally Mexican theme and perfect football food

    GO PATS!!!!!

    Yay Julian Edelman my secret footbsll BF!!! He’s so hot I bet his uniform is on fire

    Can’t wait for Sunday… This is more fun than the Red Sox great run and win

  2. Cat Con says

    Nice transfer… Luv the new set up
    New ring, soon new name and now website format
    2014 is going to
    Be Michelle’s year!!!
    And Julian Edelman’s too!!!!

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