10 Options for Sweater Weather

1. Theory – Chunky knit wool sweater

Wool Sweater2.  Splendid – Hooded waffle-knit cardigan

Hooded waffle-knit cardigan

3. Vince Drape-Neck Cashmere Sweater

Cashmere Sweaters4.  White + Warren    Cashmere Peplum Sweater

Peplum Sweater5. Ideology Long-Sleeve Hooded Wrap Cardigan

Ideology Black Sweater6.  Eileen Fisher –  Wool Shirttail V-Neck Tunic

Tunic7. Merino Long Cardigan

Long Tunic8. Mixed-Stripe Cashmere Sweater

Striped Sweater9. Leopard-Print Cashmere Cardigan

Leopard Cardigan10.  Zip-Front Hi-Low Cardigan

Zippered CardiganStay warm and happy shopping!



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    • says

      Oh that is awesome you can make yourself a sweater ! Yea peplum I guess like the model shown here, you have to be tiny waisted and super tall ha I just love the style though :)

  1. Alyssa Preston says

    Jennifer, what’s a pepear?
    I like the peplum, but the second look, the waffle knit cardigan is so cool.
    I’m going to get it and it rocks with those little boots and jeans…

    Go pats!!!!

    Everybody psyched for Saturday night? I am!!!!!
    I believe in Brady and Bill….

    Michelle, you cooking up some fancy football food for you and the hubby-to-be and all his buddies? Nice big spread of Italian food and bottles of chianti!!!!!

  2. Alyssa Preston says

    Crochet a sweater …. That is so cool.

    My granny used to crochet afghans (sp?) for us… I still have one and t makes me think of her when I wrap it around my legs on a chilly night…

    Jennifer, did your grandma teach you to crochet?

    • Cat con says

      That theory sweater is beautiful… It has some cashmere in it
      I saw it at Barney’s… Like I could afford it… Hahaha
      Actually a lot of cashmere in it
      It’s beautiful!!!

      • Cat con says

        Go pats!!!
        Michelle you’re right about football food except margaritas are part of my patriots diet along with wings and calzones

        Have a good patriots party with the future mr eat and sip…
        And root hard for my boy Julian Edelman!!!!

  3. Cat Con says

    Not foe nothing, but my margAritas, mound of wings and my football bf Julian Edelman all rock!!!
    He’s having a great game
    I luv him tons and luv my PATS!!!!

    Super Bowl for us will happen

    You watching game Michelle?
    Be you’re having a true kick ass party !!!! You go girl

    Yay pats !!!!

  4. Cat Con says

    OMG…. This game now officially is scaring me….

    My bf bet pats…said something about laying seven and a half points whatever a half point is….he threw the remote on that safety…said and I quote “that’s really bad for the spread”

    I said “pick up the remote and act like an adult!!!”

    More wings and margaritas before I chew off all of my nails

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