Two Apps I Am Loving, To Use With Instagram!

Are you guys on Instagram? You can follow me at!
Anyways with the end of the year quickly approaching, I have been playing around with different apps like where they make you a video featuring the top 5 pics your fans/followers liked this year! Here is my video if you want to see…basically the summary is there is a pic I took of inventory for my company Baby Bump Bundle, which features fitness headbands in fun fabrics (selfless plug – you can buy them here). Then there is the pic from the big dinner out for my birthday, with my top most liked photos the engagement ones! Check out the video here !
Then I also made my own video with over 50 pics using ! This is just a fun photo montage using only some of my Instagram photos from this year, which you can also view here.
new-year-countdown-2014Enjoy the last few days of 2013 friends!
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  1. 1

    Jacky fiorella says

    Holy moly michelle
    I went to your flipgram…did you put that together after 25 cups of coffee?

    50 photos in five seconds….I couldn’t even hold one image…. Did I do something wrong or are you just joking with us?

    Can you slow it down?

    • 2


      Ha it is super fast ….53 photos in only 15 seconds! Of course i realized AFTER i made it you can uncheck off the auto timing button and now you cant go back to edit! Maybe I will do it over soon :)

      • 3

        Cat con says

        It’s super duper fast
        But fun… But I agree with Jacky’s observation, if would be nice to be able to look at a few pics

        But it’s still fun to see a year go by in 10 seconds!!!!!

        Did you add a picture of the tomato farm? I don’t think I saw one

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