Friday Fave Five & Blog Hop – 7/25

Welcome to the 16th Friday Fave Five weekly post and blog hop where I link up with my favorites from the week with Mom’s Got Mail.

fridayfavefivebloghop-300x3001. Favorite in Food:

My sister was in town for the week and we went to Kittery, Maine for shopping and lunch. We headed to Chauncey Creek lobster pier restaurant and got an amazing lunch including mussels, onion rings, cole slaw, fries, and the star of the show…lobster of course!

Me and NicoleMusselsLobster

2. Favorite in Fashion:

While we were up there in Maine for shopping and yummy food, I got lots of goodies at J. Crew outlet and Loft, including this necklace.

J Crew Necklace

3. Favorite in Shopping:

I ordered the Popsugar Must Have 3 month subscription box for my best friend for her birthday and I cannot wait to see and hear what she gets for August. I am so tempted to subscribe for myself. Eek. It’s about $40 a month up to $430 for a year. I took the plunge since it is a mix of everything – beauty, body, fashion, home, etc so I thought it would be a fun surprise treat for her! And I loved what I saw was in July’s box including these serving spoons.

Serving Spoons

4. Favorite in Entertainment:

A really cheesy ridiculous rom-com is coming out on demand/DVD next week that I want to see: The Other Woman!

 the other woman

5. Favorite Recipe:

Back to the topic of food….I came across this salad recipe that is simple and perfect for summer, from Martha Stewart – Steak Salad with Goat Cheese. Yum!

Steak Salad with Goat Cheese

What about you – what are this week’s faves?

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Friday Fave Five & Blog Hop – 7/18

Welcome to the 15th Friday Fave Five weekly post and blog hop where I link up with my favorites from the week with Mom’s Got Mail.

fridayfavefivebloghop-300x3001. Favorite in Food:

My sister is in town! We went to Revere Beach in Revere, MA to hit up Kelly’s Roast Beef for lobster rolls! So good!

Lobster Roll at Kellys Revere Beach2. Favorite in Drink:

Jugos, a smoothie/ fruit juice spot in the Back Bay in Boston has pretty great options! Here is what I ordered: STELLA – RASPBERRY, BLUEBERRY, STRAWBERRY, BANANA, APPLE CIDER. It was a bit pricey (around $10) but it was very fresh and filling too.

Jugos Juice3. Favorite in Entertainment:

The fiance’s family pizza joint in Brighton, MA is closing today after almost 50 years and although it is sad, we are happy that his dad can retire and relax. And who knows, maybe Sal can bring it back when the timing is better! I was so excited when the news featured their business and they have gotten tons of new and old visitors coming in to help them close with a bang!

Check out the video from Imperial Pizza

4. Favorite Giveaway:

Baby Bump Bundle is having a giveaway with an adorable mommy blogger Ruthie! Enter to win a nursing scarf and a necklace that is safe for baby to chew and resistant from them tugging.


5. Favorite for Kids:

What a smart idea – a towel for tots that won’t fall on the ground and is long enough for your kids to reach! So cute too!

Towels for TotsWhat about you- what are this weeks faves?

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Finish This #28



I am linking up with LISA (COASTLINED), JEN (The Arizona Russums), BECKY (The Java Mama) and NICOLE (Three 31) by answering their prompts on my blog, and I hope you will share your answers too!

The only thing standing between me and ____ is…

The only thing standing between me and this wedding dress is a bunch of pounds to lose and a bunch of dollars to spend!

Pnina Tornei

I don’t have to be perfect to be…

I don’t have to be perfect to be a good friend, family member, or fiance to Sal. I am far from perfect but I try to make sure to be open and communicate my feelings and wear my heart on my sleeve so people understand why I do the things and do and act the way I do. And everyone who is close to me knows they can call me ANYTIME and I am there for them no matter what!


I would improve ____ by…

I would improve the apartment Sal and I just moved into by adding central air conditioning, removing the wood paneling on the walls (or painting it white), and fixing the electrical so the power doesn’t go out when the toaster is being used at the same time as the microwave! Argh! Ha. The joys of renting!

Living RoomThe Living Room

How about you…how would you finish these

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Friday Fave Five & Blog Hop – 7/11

It’s time for the 14th Friday Fave Five weekly post and blog hop via Mom’s Got Mail, where I highlight five of my favorite things from the past week.


1. Favorite in Food:

Kind healthy snacks company was kind enough to send along samples of a ton of their products (feeling like a lucky blogger!)! I am so ridiculously excited to dig in!

Kind Snacks2. Favorite in Drink:

It has been so darn humid and hot and although I live for summer weather and would take it any day over being freezing in the dead of winter, I feel (and look!) like a hot mess! My new obsession? Cookie dough iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts. Oh my goodness. Amazing.

cookie dough iced coffee3. Favorite in Beauty:

So on the topic of feeling hot and gross, summer hill body powder has been my saving grace! Sadly I have the opposite of a “thigh gap” and there is nothing worse then my legs touching and rubbing together when it’s hot and sweaty out and I am on the go. (Is this TMI?) Ha. anyways this stuff works wonders.

body powder

4. Favorite in Fashion:

You know how much I love hosting giveaways and I love just as much entering! Check out what I won from La Petite Peach!  A stella & dot tassel necklace!

stella and dot necklace5. Favorite in Home goods:

If you have a deck or patio or any outdoor space, you know the need for a citronella candle! And we found one that is super cute for once at Lowe’s, by OFF brand!

Citronella CandleHere is a close up…

OFF Candle

Anyways, what’s new? What are your favorites from the week?

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FFF VIP Summer Edition Box 2014 + Get $15 Off!

Look what came today….

FFF Summer Box

The summer edition VIP subscription box from FabFitFun!

Look at all the goodies inside…

Summer VIP FFF BoxOn the food and drink front, there is a FabFitFun water bottle/infuser with the message “grab life by the exercise balls” plus a bag of POPChips and a Slimfast Have Your Cake Meal Bar.

FFF BoxThere is a mini version of the Jeweled Away Turquoise Clutch from Thursday Friday (plus a $30 gift card).

Jeweled Away Clutch, TurquoiseAnd then a bunch of summer necessities and new-to-me products like:


My thoughts? I am not sure about the flash facial or the orange nail polish, BUT I love the snacks and bottle, the chapstick, sunscreen, and hair de-frizzer! I am not a big pad fan but it is good to have them on hand I suppose. All and all a really great box!

Good news – I have a coupon code to share ! Head to and the first 3 people to sign up get $15 off (and me too for my fall box)! Use code 2225656 asap to get in on the FabFitFun!

What do you think – are you signing up? What items do love (or hate) in the box?


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Friday Fave Five & Blog Hop – 6/27

Welcome to the 13th Friday Fave Five weekly post and blog hop where each Friday I highlight five of my favorite things from the past week and link up with Mom’s Got Mail.

fridayfavefivebloghop-300x3001. Favorite in Food:

Whenever the fiance and I hit up the mall, we end up at Cheesecake Factory. I love their giant salads although I actually barely put a dent in them and they don’t really stay fresh when you take it home since the dressing is already on it. Anyways feast your eyes on the bbq ranch chicken salad I had last night!

2. Favorite Drink:

There was a sale at the grocery store for 10 cans of San Pelligrino for $10! It is so refreshing and basically if you haven’t had it, it is sparkling water with a splash of fresh juices like clementine, lemon, pomegranate, or blood orange. We can’t get enough of it!


3. Favorite for Home:

Macy’s is having a big sale and we got a new bathroom rug and a couple of cozy, plush towels. This ridiculously soft memory foam rug was only $14.99! We went with the grey.

599dc88bf55cc54a7f121e0178f40d6e4. Favorite in Fashion:

Remember the cute outfit I bought at Old Navy recently? They gave out coupons to come back for $10 off a $25 purchase! I ended up getting some basic v-neck t-shirts, a sports bra, a white shirt, pink scoop neck with a bow, and a few work out shirts including this one.

5. Favorite from subscription boxes:

My blogging buddy Jennifer at not only did an awesome review of the BabyBundle gift box from my company Baby Bump Bundle, but she also sent me a box of goodies from the subscription box company The Bride Box (she said you can use code “REFERFRIENDS” to save $5 off your box fyi).I love the “shedding for the dress” tank top, bride-to-be wine glass, and the I DO sign. Oh and the mini wedding planner that says “he loves me.” There are enough goodies to share with a few engaged friends I have too! So thankful.

What about you – what are this weeks faves?

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Finish This

Linking up with Nicole {Three 31} Lisa {The Coastal Chicster}, Becky {The Java Mama} and Jen {The Arizona Russums} for the weekly series, Finish This!
1. I have a quarter to use a pay phone, I call …
Pay phone? Who uses those anymore, ha. I would call the fiance Sal because if I had to use a pay phone, that would mean I have no money and no cell phone and would need his help getting me out of a bind asap!
2. I found $25 in my pocket, I buy …
An iced coffee at Dunkin’, salad bar at Souper Salad for lunch, sushi for dinner and fro yo for dessert. And if I don’t use it on food, I would of course get a dress like this one from LOFT’s 50% off sale or some beauty products at CVS or Sephora.
3. I have 25 minutes to watch anything on TV, I turn on …
I would probably watch one of the Real Housewives or any shows on Bravo channel! Since they are simultaneously airing Atlanta, OC, and New York, I am never caught up and those series are my guilty pleasure!
4. A meal I can prepare, from start to finish, in 25 minutes or less is …
Ronzoni Pasta, Progresso sauce, and Perdue chicken patty made into pasta with chicken parm and a side salad. One of my favorite quick short cut meals ever aka fake chicken parm. We always called it fake because it is not homemade or anything but it is still soooo good!
5. At the age of 25, I wish I had known …
At 25, I wish I had known the importance of saving money and not using your credit card for everything! I am still paying now for vacations I took years ago and charged on my card. I also wish I had known I would be an entrepreneur and small business owner and not wasted time working at jobs I didn’t like or feel challenged by when I could have been taking grad school classes or working for people who would be good business mentors.
6. If I drove 25 miles DUE EAST from my house, I’d be in …
If I drove east from Malden, where I live now, I would be well into the Atlantic ocean! Three miles east is the coast of Mass., at Revere Beach.
What about you – how would you finish these questions….

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6 of my Summer Picks at the Shop Bop Sale!

1. BB Dakota Perla Tank

Perla Tank

Originally – $65.00, Now -$45.50
Kate Spade New York Capri Garden French Wire Earrings
Originally - $58.00, Now – $40.60
Sam Edelman Genette Ankle Cuff SandalsOriginally – $100.00, Now – $70.00
Louisa Tote
Originally – $118.00, Now – $82.60
Lee Angel Jewelry Double Chain Rondelle Bracelet
Originally – $195.00, Now – $97.50
Splendid Tank Dress
Originally – $118.00, Now – $82.60
Beside the sale prices, they are also offering a discount code too…..

Happy shopping! Anything catching your eye?

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Friday Fave Five & Blog Hop – 6/20

Welcome to the Friday Fave Five weekly post and blog hop where I link up with Mom’s Got Mail!

Check out a few of my favorite things this week!

fridayfavefivebloghop-300x3001. Favorite at Home:

We got a grill yesterday! We have a tiny little deck off of the kitchen at the new apartment and Home Depot had affordable options. If anyone is the market for a small grill, this is as compact as it gets (besides the travel/camping kind of course). It is the Char-Broil 2-Burner Propane Gas Grill!

2. Favorite in Food:

Speaking of the grill, now all I can do is drool over recipes I want to make on it asap! Tonight we will keep it simple with burgers and dogs with Sal’s SIL and bro but how good does this look?

Hanger Steak Recipe via

3. Favorite Drink:

Nothing says summer like sangria so I whipped up a batch to go with tonight’s dinner. I did just a simple blend of red wine, lime, peaches, apples, sugar, and fruit seltzer – hopefully it turns out as great as this recipe looks.


4. Favorite in Beauty:

Have I told you how much I love the smell and texture of the Not Your Mother’s Kinky Moves Curl Defining Hair Cream? Amazing.

Not Your Mother's Kinky Moves Curl Defining Hair Cream - 4 fl oz

5. Favorite in Fashion:

Is it just me or does LOFT basically have a sale always? They sent out yet another 40 percent off code (onboard) and I took a look and of course a dress caught my eye on the site..I really like it but I am trying to save money because I spent so much moving!


What about you – what are this weeks faves?

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June Love With Food Box 2014

Love With Food for June arrived to my new pad this week! And it is a really good one with the theme “take me out to the ballgame.”  They are actually on Rue La La offering 6 months or one year subscriptions for  $45.00 – $90.00 instead of their usual $60.00 – $120.00.

Love With Food Box JuneWhat is in the box?

  • Pineapple, Raspberry and Mango Fruit Snacks by YumEarth Organics
  • Gum Balls by Tree Hugger Gum
  • Cheddar Baked Fries by Snikiddy
  • Snap Back Cookie by The Cookie Department
  • Chicago Mix by G.H. Cretors
  • Montmorency Cherries by Stoneridge Orchards
  • Good For You Granola, Almond Butter & Jelly Sandwich, by Jolly Oak
  • Chocolate Cookies by Dolcetto

My thoughts? I LOVE this box! I immediately ate the chocolate cookies and they are light and wafer-like in texture but filled with creamy chocolate, for 150 calories! I have had the fries before and will save that to eat alongside a sandwich and you all know I love having granola bars lying around for breakfast or snacks.  I am also a huge fruit snacks or dried fruit fan for when you need just a little bit of sweetness after dinner and I am very curious about the cookie which has ginger and cayenne and is supposed to be for detox. The Chicago mix has a sweet and salty combo so that will make a great break-from-work snack as will the gum.

I guess in terms of the theme of baseball games, the fries and the popcorn mix go with it….I would have thought peanuts would have been a good addition but I guess the granola bar has nuts. So a little bit of a reach in terms of the theme but still good snacks in there so I am happy!

June Love With Food Box 2014What do you think – great box, am I right?

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