5 on Friday – Favorites – 2/27/15

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A. Liz Adventures
Carolina Charm
Hello! Happiness
The Good Life

1. Favorite in wedding-

The bridal party has been asked and accepted! I had so much fun finding little special things to send them all.

For the sisters….necklaces from So Blessed Designs on Etsy!

etsy maid of honor necklace

For my future SIL – candy from Sugarfina!


And for my best friends…personalized cards from Zazzle and Etsy.

2. Favorite Wedding freebie - 

In other wedding news- I got my free invitation kits !

I requested samples from Minted, Magnet Street, and Wedding Paper Divas (which has not come yet). There are so many options I have no idea how we will decide! Such pretty colors, a million different fonts and paper options…with pockets, without pockets, with a band around it or without – geez – hopefully I have an epiphany about which to go with soon!


3.  Favorite in shopping - 

Zulily featured Tom’s shoes recently and I bought the cutest pair. I need the snow to melt and the weather to warm up so I can enjoy them asap! I love them!


4. Favorite in food - 

I got another shipment from Just Add Cooking!

The first meal we made was salmon, zucchini, and Quinoa.

salmon dinner

Then pork and vegetable stir fry…

stir fry

The third meal in the shipment was for beef stew but I don’t have a pic to share! Some of it is in the freezer now because Sal was not into it so I had my portion and froze his! Look at all the ingredients that came in the box to make all the recipes.

Just Add Cooking

5. Favorite drink -

I got a sample in the mail to review of a new apple ale, and O.M.G is it good ! It is beer mixed with real apple juice called Forbidden Traveler Apple Ale! I posted on Examiner a few fun recipes using it here.

Apple Ale

What is new? Any fun favorites to share from the week?

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5 on Friday – Favorites – 2/20/15

I am linking up with these lovely sites, for this weeks 5 on Friday:

1. Favorite from the week:
How was everyone’s v-day? We did breakfast out at a local diner ….
And the fiance gave me a sweet and funny card and these beauties….
2. Favorite in food:
We ate the third meal from Just Add Cooking (which I told you about in last weeks post)! This was the best of the three meals we prepared from their ingredients, by far -
3. Favorite recipe:
I made my own version of this recipe and it came out great! For veggies I subbed in asparagus and mushrooms and I used reduced fat mexican cheese. YUM!
4. Favorite event of the week:
At work, we had a Oscar’s pot luck lunch! My contribution was store bought chicken salad that had cranberries, apples, and herbs with crackers to eat with it.
There was a good spread of dips, salads, meat/cheese roll ups, sushi, chocolate, and even a make your own parfait bar.
5. Favorite in shopping:
One of my favorite parts of having a small biz  is picking out new products to offer in the shop. I am loving these diaper clutches that really could be used for organizing anything from food, to toiletries, to diapers/wipes/ nursing pads and other mom necessities since they are washable and have an easy to clean lining.
Logan and Lenora Diaper Clutch
What’s up with you? What are this weeks favorites?
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5 on Friday – Favorites – 2/13/15

I am linking up with these lovely sites, for this weeks 5 on Friday:

1. Favorite in shopping:

As if I don’t have a million dresses hanging in my closet, I bought some new items at ThredUp!

For $67 I got….

Thred Up

2. Favorite freebie:

I had the opportunity to try out Just Add Cooking, where you get a box delivered on Sunday featuring fresh local food and recipes to go along with it.

We chose fish tacos, chicken and tomatoes, and a hot pot soup with meatballs. The convenience of it is pretty awesome! We are very picky so of course we immediately had our own ideas of things to sub in or out, but  it is a great way to get new dinner ideas. (if you feel like signing up, use code REFHYUL and I get a referal credit :) please and thank you.) We still have the chicken dish to make today but here are the other two meals prepared.

3. Favorite in subscription boxes:

Right now I am only getting Stitch Fix on a regular basis as for boxes. I received a silver necklace, chevron multi-color top, black and grey dress, blue cardigan, and a black jacket. I decided to keep the necklace and the colored top! Both are items I liked and probably wouldn’t have picked out on my own. Unfortunately the necklace had a small imperfection (one of the links came apart) but it is fixable so I will keep it! (sorry about the phone pic!)

4. Favorite food:

The wedding is really happening this year – we set the date and booked the venue! This summer we are getting married at Merrimack Valley Golf Club! If you follow me on instagram, you saw all the venues we looked at but ultimately this was our favorite! And ironically the catering manager is Sal and the event coordinator is Michelle… and they are married ! So it was meant to be I think:)

Merrimack Valley Events Sunset

Anyways after we put down our deposit to lock in the date, we went out to lunch with Sals parents to Brickyard in Woburn. I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich with cheddar and mushrooms and their house salad which had eggs and bacon and other goodies. It really hit the spot!

5. Favorite package I received:

Have I told you my mother has Parkinson’s? Anyways she doesn’t get around the house like she used to. To pass the time, she took up knitting and she mailed me a box of hand knit baby snow hats to sell. I can’t put them on my site  since they vary in size and don’t have tags or anything. So I am going to try to get her some cash on my ebay!

That’s all for now! Happy Friday the 13th and V-Day weekend! We have a big snow storm coming (again!) so it will be a low key weekend. 35 days til spring thank goodness!

What are your favorites from the week?

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5 on Friday – Favorites – 2/6/15

I am linking up with these lovely sites, for this weeks 5 on Friday:


1. Favorite in subscription boxes:
I am not a subscriber right now,  but I opted in for a blogger sale price for a January Bestowed box. The popcorn had split open and spilled and I must say three cheers to their customer service. I emailed them letting them know and they immediately put two bags in the mail for me! My standout item is the good greens bar and my least favorite is the hemp seeds.
2. Favorite dinner:
Sal whipped up grilled steak tacos and it was seriously like being at a restaurant! He grilled steak and sauteed onions and then chopped tomatoes and mixed greens for them, plus topped the tacos with cheese and lime.
3. Favorite snow day treat:
Because of all the snow lately….

We have lots of meals at home. Including these blueberry pancakes from scratch! So delish!


4. Favorite restaurant eats:

We have been in full fledge wedding planning mode and after an appointment in Salem at the Hawthrone Hotel, we stopped at Rockafellas. They offer a bloody mary with a meat straw, cheese cubes, lime, lemons, and olives! The only thing missing is celery! It really hit the spot. Plus we shared calamari and I got a burger with a side salad.

5. Favorite freebie:

You guys know I LOVE trying new things. Enter Pie Hole Whiskey which sent some bottles to sample. The pie liquor added to these bottles masks the strong taste of whiskey. I am not a huge dark liquor person and usually opt for vodka, gin, or anything clear, but these were so decadent and delish! My favorite was the pecan. We were brainstorming different things to do with these like putting some of the apple pie one in apple crisp, using the pecan pie in a coffee drink, and using the cherry on ice with coke! They are a nice little addition to our bar area.

What about you? What are this weeks favorites?

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7 Super Bowl Sunday Recipes, from Pinterest!

Super Bowl Recipes

1. Buffalo Chicken Wonton Cups // 2. Amazing Guacamole Recipe // 3. Mini BBQ Pork Sliders

4.  Kale & Artichoke Dip  // 5. Pizza Dip // 6. Creamy Hot Reuben Sandwich Party Dip //  7.  Best Ever French Onion Dip

Also check out:

Sip this for Super Bowl: Gronk Monster & Brady Punch

Stats in what you’re sipping for Super Bowl + M64 Michelada cocktail recipe!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday

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5 on Friday – Favorites – 1/23/15

I am linking up with these lovely sites, for this weeks 5 on Friday:


1. Favorite meal at home - 

How lucky am I! I came home from work to this…homemade pasta being prepared by the fiance!

We started off with salads and then he made a homemade pesto and prepared some turkey cutlets and it came out so good!

2. Favorite take-out-

Pretty much Dipietro’s is in our regular delivery rotation. I went with the chef salad and I love how they make pinwheels of the meat and cheese!

3. Favorite freebie - 

I love finding out about new brands. Enter Scentbird, where you get a 30-Day Supply of a Designer Fragrance
Every Month for Just $14.95!

I got a free month and I chose a sample of Marc Jacobs, Daisy, which is normally $94 for a whole bottle!

I love the idea of this monthly subscription because you can try all different perfumes without commiting to a huge designer bottle with a high price tag. It comes with a pouch, in a handy travel size bottle too.

And it is even on sale on Rue La La today! The perfume is light, flowery, and really feminine! I am glad I chose it!


4. Favorite on TV - 

Girls is back in full swing and I seriously laughed out loud, hysterically at the college party, dancing scene on Sunday’s episode. Anyone else watch?

5. Favorite in shopping - 

Daily Look is having a winter sale! They have jewelry as low as $3! And this necklace is only $8.

DAILYLOOK Antiqued Floral Gem Necklace in Mint

What about you – what are this weeks 5 standout things?

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Bruegger’s Behind the Taste Giveaway – 5 Winners!

Thanks to all that entered the Bruegger’s Behind the Taste Giveaway!

There are five winners, all who have been notified by email!

Using random.org, to choose numbers from the comments, here are our winners!

Brueggers Winners

 There will be plenty more giveaways coming up so stay tuned!


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5 on Friday – Favorites from the week – 1/16/15

I am linking up again with this weeks five favorites:

1. Favorite food photo

We hit up Wholefoods for ingredients for dinner and the fiance made quite a colorful meal. Purple mashed sweet potatoes, spinach, and salmon.

2. Favorite from subscription boxes

I finally dug into the Love With Food box from December and my favorite snack in it so far is the chocolate covered coconut!

Dark Chocolate Coconut Smiles

3. Favorite from my small biz 

I am very excited because this week I roll out my first blogger curated bundle! It is a baby girl themed gift box with high end products picked by mommy blogger Ruthie. So I spent all week getting the last minute things ready for that launch!
Ruth (1)

4. Favorite in entertainment

Does anyone else love Millionaire Matchmaker? This week Stephanie from the Hills  was on the show and it was great to see her go on a romantic and fun date with a nice guy, when she says she usually goes for bad boys.
5. Wedding Planning mania
Wedding planning has commenced! The bad news is, a lot of the places on the list of venues we wanted to see for a potential wedding this year are booked for Saturdays all the way through Halloween already! We are thinking summer is the ideal time, mostly since it is easiest for the Italy relatives to get here. There is one venue with SOME availability high on my list right now though! Hopefully we can see this spot soon. How gorgeous???
Slide 1
 Whats up with you guys this week? What are this weeks favorites or 5 standout things going on?

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5 Valentine’s Day Desserts, Thanks to Pinterest!

One month until Valentine’s Day! We always celebrate v-day with flowers, chocolates or dessert, and delicious food, but actually don’t do much in terms of gifts beside little things. (see last years v-day here  and see 2013 here). I think since December is our anniversary and x-mas, that is when the big ticket items are exchanged with v-day more just fun and a good time to exchange cards and have a yummy dinner. Anyways, I was perusing Pinterest and wanted to share some of my favorite v-day dessert ideas!

White Chocolate Bark Bites with M&M’s

Valentine’s Day White Chocolate Bark Bites

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strawberry brownie kabobs

Strawberry Brownie Kabobs 747 copy

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Strawberry Chocolate Chip Cookies

Strawberry Chocolate Chip Cookies by sallysbakingaddiction.com Easy, no-fuss and quick!

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Valentine Red Velvet Brownies

Valentine Red Velvet Brownies,red velvet cake recipe,red velvet recipes,red velvet cream cheese brownies,red velvet brownies,valentine ideas, valentines ideas

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Strawberry Heart Mini Cheesecake Bites

strawberry heart cheesecake bites close

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I also have a TON of past articles on heart day you may want to peruse:

What do you think about Valentine’s….Hallmark holiday you would rather skip or day to show your loved ones you care for them?

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Stitch Fix #2

You guys! Stitch Fix is so much fun! If you are unfamiliar, you fill out a style profile and each month, you are sent 5 items for you to potentially purchase, for the cost of $20 styling fee  (you can see my first order here). Then if you keep at least one item, the fee goes towards your purchase or if you keep ALL the items you get a discount. It is not the cheapest I will admit (each item is from $25 to $100), when it comes to cost per item, but I think if I treat myself to one or two things each Fix, it makes it worth it for awhile. Hey, you know it is 20 degrees right now, what else do I have to look forward to, ha? Anywho, here is my roundup about what my stylist picked for me, what I returned, and what I kept!

Stitch Fix

Item #1 – Cuff bracelet, $28

Item #2, Black and white shift dress, $88

Item #3, Printed top, $58

Item #4, Red top with funky back, $38

Item #5, Black and grey sweater, $48

Ok so can you guess what I kept….

Two of the five items….

Alright, I kept the black and grey top and the cuff bracelet! I have nothing like either of them so I figured why not. The dress didn’t fit my curves well and the red shirt was not my style. The other printed top would actually have been nice but I am on somewhat of a budget, so I refrained! So back those items went and into my rotation the new items will go.

What do you think – what item did you like best?

(PS if you want to find out more about Stitch Fix or sign up, pretty please use my affiliate link to sign up here).

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