5 on Friday – Favorites – 4/17/15

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Favorite food – at home – 

The weather has finally warmed up! Nothing reminds me of spring/summer in Boston like lobster dinner! Sal made us a lobster to share and we had salmon, rice, and brussels sprouts!

Favorite food – on-the-go -

With the wedding quickly approaching,  I have been on a salad kick. I actually found two new favorites. One from au bon pain and one from Panera! Chicken avocado cobb and power chicken and hummus.

Favorite in shopping -

My phone started not even charging and crashing so it was time to upgrade.  I got the Samsung Galaxy S 6 and it is amazing – fast to charge, a great camera, lightweight, sleek….and I got a fancy phone cover too.

Favorite in freebies – 

Have you guys tried Pasta Chips? I wrote all about them in this Examiner article. I had the opportunity to try ALL the flavors.

My favorite so far is alfredo but the marinara is tasty too. I still need to dig into the garlic ones – I am sure me and Sal will love those!

Favorite pic – 

The fiance and I did a nice walk around the lake in Wakefield, MA the other day and it was so nice to get fresh air and exercise together! It is a little over three mile loop around the water. I want to go there again soon when the leaves are green again and flowers are in bloom.

What about you – what are this weeks favorites?

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5 on Friday – Favorites – 4/10/15

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1. Favorite in Fashion

I of course found more goodies on Zulily! This Mint Scoop Neck Fit & Flare Dress….


And this – Lime & Gray Tribal Scarf! I love them both!


 2. Favorite in Beauty

I took part in the #WipeforWater challenge via the Neutrogena® Naturals VoxBox and received the wipes below complimentary to test from Influenster. 

In order to conserve water, you can just simply wipe offf makeup and dirt with these wipes and avoid wasting water, while cleaning your face each day! I love easy products like this that not only are good and gentle on your skin but also have a cause.

3. Favorite subscription

I got my 5th Stitch Fix! I received a striped skirt, a blue/purple shirt, a cuff bracelet, a chevron dress, and a beige top. The skirt fit weirdly, the blue shirt was one of the loose, blouson type shapes I already got in a recent box from them, the dress is cute but I wasn’t sure how often I would wear it and the cost was $70 which is a bit much, and then the cuff wasn’t really my style. So that leaves the beige shirt which has a patterned back, unlike any other shirt I have! It’s $48 and simple enough to wear to work or even on a weekend. As long as I like one item I am happy with it, since you pay $20 styling fee per month, and if you buy something, you get the money towards the purchase.

4. Favorite sweet treat

Sal recently went to Ohio and brought back these goodies from Le Chocoholique for us to share. Each little chocolate is like art!  How perfect is the Limoncello chicks and Blueberry Bliss!

5. Favorite lunch

I took a short trip down to CT with Sal to see my best friend, her husband, and her growing family (they have two girls and now a 3 month old baby girl!) for lunch last weekend! We went to World of Beer and I got a steak salad with chickpeas and blue cheese and to drink, the Ace Berry Cider “a mixture of raspberry, blackberry and strawberry juice added into fermented apple Cider.”

steak salad

What about you – what are this weeks favorites?

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Food Photos from Easter 2015

You know I love sharing food photos especially of all the delicious dishes from holidays:like Scenes from my Easter 2014 and Food Photo Friday: Scenes from my Easter 2013. SO I wanted to pop in to share this years Easter Dinner. As usual, I headed over to the fiances house for a feast! I have been doing pretty good at work-outs (T-25 DVD’s) and even did a cleanse (3 day refresh recently – more on this soon) so I think I was a little bit too excited to let loose and eat whatever I want, but what can you do. As usual, the table was set and ready to go thanks to Sal’s mom.

We had some cheese and crackers, olives, and pepperoni to snack on and the first course was ravioli with homemade sauce. My favorite!

Onto the main course….we had grilled lamb lollipops with mint pesto!

Here is a peek of all the other goodies that made it onto my plate and happily into my belly: cherry glazed ham, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and the lamb. Everything was cooked great and there was plenty of food to go around (and LOTS of leftovers – my fave).

And for dessert, pastries from Modern Pastry of course!

Another great holiday family dinner with food, drinks, and family time! Now I need to get my focus back and cut out sweets….a lil over three months until the wedding- eek! How was your weekend – any passover or Easter dishes you loved?

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8 Easter Brunch Recipes, from Pinterest

You all know I LOVE Pinterest, and all the fun recipes you can find. Here are some ideas for Easter brunch, since it is coming up quick!

1. Easter Morning Pancakes

Miss Colleen and I will try this tomorrow morning!!!

2.  Cheesy Ham Bubble Bakes

Cheesy Ham Bubble Bakes recipe

3. Ultimate Carrot Cupcakes

My ultimate carrot cupcakes are moist, rich and mildly spiced, topped with sweet and tangy cream cheese frosting. Nothing more, nothing less. Just perfect!

4.  Lemon Crepes with Blueberry Sauce

5.  Krispy Easter Eggs

Krispy Easter Eggs by Ree Drummond / The Pioneer Woman, via Flickr

6. Asparagus and Herb Frittata

Asparagus and Herb Frittata  - Fresh asparagus and onions are sautéed and then blended into a mixture of herbed eggs and Parmesan cheese.

7. Roasted Asparagus with Lemony Breadcrumbs

Roasted Asparagus with Lemony Breadcrumbs Recipe -- a great Easter brunch side dish

8. Skinny Fruit Salad


The"Skinny Mom, Skinny Fruit Salad" recipe combines fresh fruit with a creamy glaze that is perfect for my Easter brunch! I'm taking one to my friends house for dessert as well for after we eat her healthy Easter dinner!

What is your favorite Easter recipe?

Also check out:

8 Eggscellent Easter Decorations

8 Easter Dinner Recipe Ideas

Five Ingredient Easter cookies

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6 Women’s Little White Dresses

Now that spring is here, the white dress trend is everywhere! Good timing for me to shop, since I would love to wear a white dress to either my wedding shower or wedding rehearsal dinner this summer. At least that is what I say now, but if I see something mint, blue, pink….really I am open ha. Here are a few of my favorites so far.

Little White Dresses

3. Love and Laughter Lace Dress

4. Flirting with Danger Cutout Dress

5. Belted Cotton Eyelet Fit & Flare Dress

6. Embroidered Mesh Fit & Flare Dress

Which do you like the best? Any other stores with little white dresses you recommend?

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5 on Friday – Favorites – 3/20/15

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 1. Favorite freebie -

I don’t know what I love more…hosting giveaways or winning them! I won the February PopSugar box from Hello Subscription! Yay! I love the cutting board and the nail polish most!

 2. Favorite in shopping:

I got my March Stitch Fix – aka my fourth fix.  It is hard to tell from the photo but I received a navy blue skirt, a orange/coral top, a green and grey dress, a grey blazer, and a mint scarf with a white bird pattern. The skirt was not that flattering on me, I hate the bow on the dress, I really didn’t think I would get much wear out of the top, and the grey blazer was made out of sweatshirt material and has no buttons and was just not my style. BUT  the scarf on the other hand is up my alley and totally spring-y so that is what I kept!

3. Favorite in food -

Not exactly wedding dress/diet friendly but the fiance and his dad dusted off their aprons and perfected their amazing pizza dough at home! For newbies around here, they just closed their pizza place last summer so the dad could retire and the fiance could move on and find his way with a new career. Anyways Sal made half mushroom and half prosciutto and it came out delish.

4. Favorite work out-

I did five straight days of T25 work out DVD’s! I am pretty darn proud of myself! Today you can rest up and tomorrow stretch and then you start 5 days in a row all over again on Monday!

FOCUS T25FOCUS T255. Favorite in fashion-

Check out these beauties I got on Zulily!  They are Fuzion Creations – Cubic Zirconia & Sterling Silver Pyramid Earrings for $19.

What about you – what is new this week? Have a good St. Patrick’s Day? Happy Spring!

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5 on Friday – Favorites – 3/13/15

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1. Favorite in wedding-

We had our food tasting this week! Wow – there are so many decisions to make and it is hard to put yourself in 200 peoples shoes about what THEY would want. So we need to just stick with what we love! We got to try 6 apps, 4 entrees, and some different pasta sauces. Here is just a peek!

2. Favorite in entertainment – 

The Bachelor Finale was Monday! Anyone else watch?? It seemed like for once out of the top two girls, one of them clearly didn’t want to be picked, so it was a no brainer for the Bachelor! Very cute romantic proposal in the farmer Bachelors barn!

3. Favorite in drink -

I finally tried Shakeology! If you are not familiar, it is a meal replacement drink mix. I did chocolate mix with banana and peanut butter and then greenberry mix with lime and strawberries. I definitely prefer the chocolate!

4.  Favorite food – 

We made it out last weekend for drinks and snacks at The Tap in Boston.   We got pretzel sticks, hot out of the oven. With a flight of beer, it really was a great combo!

5. Favorite in fashion -

On the wedding front, we ordered the bridesmaid dresses and yes, I even said yes to a dress! Both were ordered from Precious Memories in Malden.


What about you ? What are your favorites from the week? Hope you are having a good Friday the 13th  (muahahaha)!

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5 on Friday – Favorites – 2/27/15

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1. Favorite in wedding-

The bridal party has been asked and accepted! I had so much fun finding little special things to send them all.

For the sisters….necklaces from So Blessed Designs on Etsy!

etsy maid of honor necklace

For my future SIL – candy from Sugarfina!


And for my best friends…personalized cards from Zazzle and Etsy.

2. Favorite Wedding freebie – 

In other wedding news- I got my free invitation kits !

I requested samples from Minted, Magnet Street, and Wedding Paper Divas (which has not come yet). There are so many options I have no idea how we will decide! Such pretty colors, a million different fonts and paper options…with pockets, without pockets, with a band around it or without – geez – hopefully I have an epiphany about which to go with soon!


3.  Favorite in shopping – 

Zulily featured Tom’s shoes recently and I bought the cutest pair. I need the snow to melt and the weather to warm up so I can enjoy them asap! I love them!


4. Favorite in food – 

I got another shipment from Just Add Cooking!

The first meal we made was salmon, zucchini, and Quinoa.

salmon dinner

Then pork and vegetable stir fry…

stir fry

The third meal in the shipment was for beef stew but I don’t have a pic to share! Some of it is in the freezer now because Sal was not into it so I had my portion and froze his! Look at all the ingredients that came in the box to make all the recipes.

Just Add Cooking

5. Favorite drink -

I got a sample in the mail to review of a new apple ale, and O.M.G is it good ! It is beer mixed with real apple juice called Forbidden Traveler Apple Ale! I posted on Examiner a few fun recipes using it here.

Apple Ale

What is new? Any fun favorites to share from the week?

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5 on Friday – Favorites – 2/20/15

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1. Favorite from the week:
How was everyone’s v-day? We did breakfast out at a local diner ….
And the fiance gave me a sweet and funny card and these beauties….
2. Favorite in food:
We ate the third meal from Just Add Cooking (which I told you about in last weeks post)! This was the best of the three meals we prepared from their ingredients, by far -
3. Favorite recipe:
I made my own version of this recipe and it came out great! For veggies I subbed in asparagus and mushrooms and I used reduced fat mexican cheese. YUM!
4. Favorite event of the week:
At work, we had a Oscar’s pot luck lunch! My contribution was store bought chicken salad that had cranberries, apples, and herbs with crackers to eat with it.
There was a good spread of dips, salads, meat/cheese roll ups, sushi, chocolate, and even a make your own parfait bar.
5. Favorite in shopping:
One of my favorite parts of having a small biz  is picking out new products to offer in the shop. I am loving these diaper clutches that really could be used for organizing anything from food, to toiletries, to diapers/wipes/ nursing pads and other mom necessities since they are washable and have an easy to clean lining.
Logan and Lenora Diaper Clutch
What’s up with you? What are this weeks favorites?
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5 on Friday – Favorites – 2/13/15

I am linking up with these lovely sites, for this weeks 5 on Friday:

1. Favorite in shopping:

As if I don’t have a million dresses hanging in my closet, I bought some new items at ThredUp!

For $67 I got….

Thred Up

2. Favorite freebie:

I had the opportunity to try out Just Add Cooking, where you get a box delivered on Sunday featuring fresh local food and recipes to go along with it.

We chose fish tacos, chicken and tomatoes, and a hot pot soup with meatballs. The convenience of it is pretty awesome! We are very picky so of course we immediately had our own ideas of things to sub in or out, but  it is a great way to get new dinner ideas. (if you feel like signing up, use code REFHYUL and I get a referal credit :) please and thank you.) We still have the chicken dish to make today but here are the other two meals prepared.

3. Favorite in subscription boxes:

Right now I am only getting Stitch Fix on a regular basis as for boxes. I received a silver necklace, chevron multi-color top, black and grey dress, blue cardigan, and a black jacket. I decided to keep the necklace and the colored top! Both are items I liked and probably wouldn’t have picked out on my own. Unfortunately the necklace had a small imperfection (one of the links came apart) but it is fixable so I will keep it! (sorry about the phone pic!)

4. Favorite food:

The wedding is really happening this year – we set the date and booked the venue! This summer we are getting married at Merrimack Valley Golf Club! If you follow me on instagram, you saw all the venues we looked at but ultimately this was our favorite! And ironically the catering manager is Sal and the event coordinator is Michelle… and they are married ! So it was meant to be I think:)

Merrimack Valley Events Sunset

Anyways after we put down our deposit to lock in the date, we went out to lunch with Sals parents to Brickyard in Woburn. I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich with cheddar and mushrooms and their house salad which had eggs and bacon and other goodies. It really hit the spot!

5. Favorite package I received:

Have I told you my mother has Parkinson’s? Anyways she doesn’t get around the house like she used to. To pass the time, she took up knitting and she mailed me a box of hand knit baby snow hats to sell. I can’t put them on my site  since they vary in size and don’t have tags or anything. So I am going to try to get her some cash on my ebay!

That’s all for now! Happy Friday the 13th and V-Day weekend! We have a big snow storm coming (again!) so it will be a low key weekend. 35 days til spring thank goodness!

What are your favorites from the week?

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